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  • How do you charge for small projects?
    All initial appointments are at the clients home, billed hourly, at a 1 hour minimum. If the project requires more than an than an hour, the client is billed every quarter hour. Payment is due at the end of the visit. One visit may be sufficient for smaller more targeted consultations. (Upon reviewing this site, if interested in moving forward, contact PCL Interiors via email or by phone, and we will be happy to discuss our rates in more detail.)
  • How do you charge for midsize projects and larger projects?
    The hourly rate still applies. For larger projects, this initial visit will most likely be more of a fact finding mission. The designer seeks to fully understand your expectations, the project goals, budget perimeters, style preference, functionality of the space. Housekeeping task may also be done such as taking measurements, photos etc.
  • How can I as a client feel confident that your project fee will fall within my budget perimeter?
    It is peramount for the designer to verify the full project scope, before the hands on work begins. Once we know what the project entails, we can then give you an estimated anticipated range of time that it will take to complete your project. For smaller projects this can be done before the initial visit, for midsize projects it can be identified during the visit. Larger or full house design requires more detailed analysis before providing an estimate.
  • Are there other revenue streams for PCL Interiors in additon to the hourly rate?
    Yes, there can be. One stream is if we purchase wholesale products to sell at retail. 1- Items purchased at retail are billed the retail cost plus 10%. 2- Items purchased wholesale are billed cost plus a percentage. 3- Some retail merchants or subcontractors pay a referral fee to the designer fo shopping or directing clients to them. This is AT NO ADDITIONAL cost to the client. Average is 5% - 20%.
  • Do you charge an additional fee for appointments outside your standard business hours?
    Yes, we do charge an additional 10%. Fee applies to appointments that run past 6:00PM M-F and for all Saturday appointments.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    Cash Check M/C, Visa (Via phone or in person) PayPal (Look for payment window via website)
  • Do you require any payments in advance?
    Advanced payment is required for purchases made on your behalf. There may be instances where the client can make payments directly to the retail merchant. A retainer for future hours may also be required for larger projects.
  • What is the hourly rate based on?
    *All face-to-face meetings with clients and subcontractors *Space plans, furniture layout, drafting and concept development *Dedicated shopping time for client while in any retail and/or wholesale locations *Internet and catalogue shopping *Shopping outside the greater Charlotte area will include a trip fee, based on location. ***There is no additional charge for travel to and from your home or for shopping trips, unless the travel is outside of the Charlotte area. For example trips to Hiph Point or Hickory would require and additional fee.
  • How often do you bill?
    The designer will come up with an agreed upon cycle. Typically it's every 5-10 hours.
  • GIve me an idea of what the process would be like if I ONLY wanted initial ideas but plan to execute myself?
    -Initial ideas and one time visits could cover a lot of ground. We could select colors for the interior or exterior. Colors for the trim, doors, molding, painted cabinetry including the finish. Decorative and custom designs require more time and the input of an artist. -Wallpaper designs could be selected. Several design books can be provide to browse through. -New furniture layout can be provided. The key is to get you a usable plan while being mindfull of your time during the visit. The design will take accurate measurements and bring magnetic furniture templates to create a design that could be left with the client to shop by. Here the sizes of the furniture and rugs can be predetermined and a shopping check list is created. -A list of ideas on color options or a dedicated color plan to coordinate the walls, window coverings, wood casegoods, sofas, chairs, etc. -Suggestions on local and online retails will be provided to source some of the items. -The client may be more visual and would like a storyboard, complete with color swatches and EXAMPLES of the style of pieces to buy. This would require additonal office time and the end product would be emailed to the client. -Each project is unique and therefore may require more than listed here. This is a good sampling of what you could have accomplised with 1 home consultation. EXAMPLES of furniture plans done on site:
  • How should I prepare for our first meeting?
    We encourage clients to do there homework by finding inspiration wherevener they can. It could be actual magazine tearouts for rooms, items and colors that appeal to them. It may also be a list or pictures of what you don't like. There are several on-line directories with loads of completed room designs that you can use for inspiration. It may also be a favorite pillow, piece of art of bedding that you own and would like to incorporate into the design. Know what items you need to keep, are on the fence about, or definitely want to remove. Give some attention to what your budget range will be. Do not be afraid to share this with your designer who has your best interest in mind. The goal is always to maximize your money spent. If you have some flexibility and have no idea how to budget for the project the designer will have some tips to help you.
  • Do clients shop with the designer?
    They can and at times they have. Especially if they enjoy the process. If you are more visiual and have to touch and sit on say the sofa you purchase then you can either shop with the designer or let the designer select their top 1-3 picks and then you visit the store on your own at a later time for input. Most clients do not shop with the designer. It can slow the selection process down a bit. For example, since you'll tend to make conversation about items that the designer may automatically not consider.
  • What is the process if I only wanted custom window treatments designed and fabricated?
    Again, and initial consutation is required. Time will be spent taking measurements, photos, determining how they should function, what style is appealing to the existing house design and your personal taste. Quick sketches are made on site and/or the designer will have various samples images on had to select from. Fabrics would then have to be sources within the pricepoint designated. A return visit is required to present the final look. Sometimes tweaks will neeed to be made in selections but this need is at a minimum. Especially if sample pictures are sent via email or text for client input. Typcally treatments for 1-3 rooms will require about 2-3 hours of time. A seperate quote for the fabrication of the treatments, hardware and installation will be quoted. PCL Interiors has partnered with a very skilled and talentd group of professionals to complete the project. Examples of some PCL Interiors custom treatments completed for clients: We do CUSTOM REUPHOLSTERY as well! PILLOWS and CUSHIONS
  • Will I need to come to your office or will you come to my home?
    The decorator will visit your home for all design consultations and presentations. Working on site with material samples, swatches and your existing furnishings and materials will allows the decorator the opportunity to visually orient themselves with your space, make better decisions in the actual lighting you live in and clearly see how the proposed design will harmonize from room to room.
  • What do you enjoy about design?
    I love designing beautiful interiors that are unique and personal for each client. To achieve "the look" it's vital to partner closely with the family to understand their goals, how they live within the home and what"s important to them. It's pure joy to see my client's delight when I've created "surprise vignettes" within the home as a result of reusing or repurposing itmes for either sentimental or budget reasons. The magic happens when extraordinary designs are created using ordinary materials. Designing is serious work, meant to be fun!
  • Should I interview other decorators before making a decision?
    Absolutely! I encourage you to do so. It's important to make a good fit and that you just click with your decorator. Of course they need to be capable, talented and trustworthy. But this person will be in your home, working closely with your family and it should be an enjoyable process throughout.
  • What education and/or training do you have?
    My design capabilities stem from a love and desire to learn how beautiful spaces come to be. I studied design at CPCC learning the fine art of applying proper scale, balance, harmony and color to a space. There I also learned drafting skills that I apply when laying out a space plan and creating custom builds. I have a B.A. in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill which has provided a foundation in understanding human behavior. It comes in handy whena 3rd party intervention is necessary to resolve the blending of styles and desires of dual homeowners. Over the years I've been a member and sitting board member of a local professional Interior Design Organization, attend many seminars and Furniture Markets keeping my self abreast of current and trend setting styles.
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