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Not Just another Interior Design Blog

Updated: Jan 18, 2018


May you and yours be blessed in 2018!!

As far as New Year's Resolutions go...I'm checking off my LIST, the VERY FIRST post on a VERY NEW blog.

I can almost hear you thinking...

What makes this blog so different than the thousands of others out there, right?

I get it.

I love reading #interiordesignblogs as well. And to keep my interest, I have to walk away feeling like I got something for my time.

Whether it's...

stunning images to feast my eyes on,

learning something new and improved,

finding the inside scope on what the hot new trend is,

discovering humor in this serious (but, let's face reality, it ain't rocket science) industry, OR

viewing the launch of an oh so nice design project by popular designers

Yes! ALL of THAT is worthy of my time. And I promise to GIVE YOU ALL THAT as a reader as well. But those are not the main reasons you'll want to keep your EYES GLUED to this blog.

There's this...

At the heart of it all…I just really want to connect with my clients, my readers and the drive-by browsers looking for creative inspiration. Especially for #DIY home projects. Not everyone can afford to have a designer or decorator's service, but that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful home that you're proud of. Even if you seek the help of a designer, there are always smaller projects that you can do yourself for the sheer pleasure of it. What better sense of accomplishment than to show your home off and be able to say “…and I did this!”

So this really isn’t just another interior design blog, because you will be a part of it…because I will seek your input and feedback…because it’s important for the content to evolve as my readers needs evolve.


And welcome!

By the way, I built my website and blog with WIX #startyourownblog #girlpower. Truly a #DIY site! I love that it's free (except maintenance fees of course, no coding skills required, a friendly DIY cloud-based #webdevelopment platform. Go to . Trust me if I can do it, you can too.



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